Outdoor KNX Motion Multi Sensor

KNX is a motion detector and integrated presence motion and light level sensor designed to be included in the intelligent building automation system, HVAC automation control for energy saving and alarm function for security.

Detection scope Ø32m at 2.5m mounting height 360 ° motion detector. KNX (EIB) is for use with other KNX devices in the TP (Twisted Pair) bus system.

Parameter and function settings are made via ETS 5 (Engineering Tool Software Ver.5.0) or IR remote control (IR-11KNX).


  • There are five control outputs provided for lighting, HVAC and Alarm applications.
  • Programmable with IR remote control for easy and fast settings.
  • If the ambient value is preset, it can be learned as a threshold for switching loads on and off with IR.
  • Temperature compensated circuit design to avoid false triggering problem at high temperature.

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Interra KNX Sensor Series

ITR410-0003 // Outdoor KNX Motion Sensor

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