7″ Silver Body Linux Indoor Monitor w/ 12V DC / 12V POE

The simple, elegant, and modern design of the ITR662-0001 Interra 7" Full Touch Linux Indoor Monitor creates a perfect impact on your living spaces. With its colorful screen, premium video, and audio quality, you will enjoy crystal clear audio communication with your guests. 

It allows you to check the call recordings, and unlock the door remotely, and it supports 8 different alarm zones with three different scenario setups.  It complies with SIP, and VOIP standards for easy integration in every SIP, VOIP-capable device.

Main Features:

  • VOIP: supports video call, camera monitor, unlock, VOIP communication, and check the call records
  • Security: supports 8 different regions with 3 different scenarios
  • Linux OS
  • Watching the outdoor video station camera
  • User interface customization

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ITR662-0001 // 7″ Silver Body Linux Indoor Monitor w/ 12V DC / 12V POE

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